Nobody Asked Me, But…Vol. 15

So, this week we put a wrap on Season 1 of our first ongoing Two Buttons Deep series, Nobody Asked Me, But…mostly because we are ready for some winter hibernation. AKA, filming outdoors is way better than filming indoors.

15 episodes flew by, and to think that something that started off as a silly little blog post turned into a successful series of weekly videos that made thousands of you smile and laugh is pretty neat. As you know, Jack and I are on a steady mission to make upstate NY cool again by creating content that makes you feel good –stuff to talk about, we say.

Thanks to everyone who has watched, liked and shared. It’s a blast adventuring around the 518 hitting up some of the coolest local businesses around who all opened their doors to our filming (though most of them did not know it at the time).

We’ll be back in the spring when we can shoot outdoors again! But in the meantime, don’t be a stranger. Send us your hot takes, say hi to us when you see us out filming the next ridiculous series we come up with, and keep going Two Buttons Deep.

Check out Volume 15, our Season 1 finale:

To watch the entire NAMB playlist, click here.

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