Houston Astros Won More Than Just The World Series For The City of Houston

The Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers gave baseball fans a World Series that will never forget. It went seven games, and for the first time the Astros can call themselves World Series Champions. Former ValleyCat George Springer was named the World Series MVP, last year Ben Zobrist also a former ValleyCat won the MVP too.

Sports can be extremely powerful, we turn to sports as a getaway from every day life. But when something terrible happens around us these professional teams can become the lifeline for a city’s morale.

This August, Hurricane Harvey destroyed the city of Houston. It’s going to take months, if not years, to get that city back to where it once was.


That’s what made Houston rally so hard, and some will always believe that’s the reason they pulled through to win the world series.


You can’t tell me this picture isn’t a tearjerker. Like I said before, sports are a getaway from everyday life, and if anybody needs an escape, it’s Houstonians. Like these two shacked up in their gutted house with nothing but two lawn chairs and a TV witnessing the history that Houston deserves.



That description says it all, just two short months ago water flooded that street, now thousands of people are out celebrating like children on Christmas morning. Sports can help us heal in a way we didn’t think were possible.

Here are other moments in recent history where a team helped their city bounce back from catastrophe:

  • It had been 638 days since the New Orleans Saints had play a true home game in the Superdome after hurricane Katrina devastated the city of New Orleans and Louisiana.

  • The Boston Red Sox put the city of Boston on their backs in 2013 right after the Boston Marathon Bombings.

  • 49 days after September 11th 2001, George W. Bush threw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium during the World Series.

The impact of sports is immeasurable, but one thing is clear, when when crisis strikes, there’s still always time to root for your favorite team. And that’s the power of sports.

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