Dave Grohl Joined Guns N’ Roses On Stage Last Night For “Paradise City” And Absolutely Rocked The House

The man, the myth, the legend Dave Grohl is at it again…Some would say the Foo Fighters are the last of a dying breed in Rock n Roll music. It’s a band I desperately want to see live.


Last night Dave joined Guns N’ Roses on stage in Oklahoma to play their mega hit Paradise City.

Dave crushed it, GNR crushed it. The Foofighters are no stranger when it comes to inviting musicians or even random fans onto the stage to play one of their songs. It’s awesome that they have that type of connection with their fans, it just adds to the moment when you see them.

It shows that Dave is a genuine person that will go out of his way to treat his fans right. Two years ago when the Foo Fighters were on tour, Dave broke his leg when he fell off the stage, the crazy rocker in him continue to play that night and had a chair built for him so the tour could continue. The talk show he was on back in September surprised him when they brought on the doctor that treated his leg.

dave chair 2

Dave, I ask you this please come to the Albany area, we have some pretty sweet venues you can rock out in.

If you like the Foo Fighters, keep an eye out for a band called Chevy Metal at the local bars, it’s an alter-ego comprised of Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Chris Shiflet, and Rami Jaffe. They play covers including songs by AC/DC, Van Halen, Alice Cooper, and Billy Joel, and the best part? They normally only do pop up shows in dive bars. So Dave, please come to the Capital Region, I know the perfect place for Chevy Metal to appear and go a few buttons deep with us. 

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