My Winter Fashion Secret is a $40 Pair of Pants (And No One Is Paying Me To Say It)

As fashion marketing trends are going totally influencer these days, people often question how truly good a product is when they realize a brand is just paying for someone to say it (well, that idea isn’t actually new, but gimme a sec).

But since I’m not popular enough to be paid for my opinions, and since clickbait disappointment is so real, I am here to unveil my winter fashion secret totally free of charge or skepticism.

And you’ll be happy to hear what it is, cause it’s a $40 pair of pants.

Pants! If you know anything about me, wearing pants is a rarity to begin with. When you’re under 5″ tall, it’s nearly impossible to find a good pair that can be worn right off the rack without alterations. So in the winter, I typically stick with skirts and dresses with tights (or “stockings” if you mom is hella old fashioned and taught you to say it like that), until I realized this pair of Zara joggers made me feel like a new human.

See those guys under there? They’re white, so obviously it’s a bit of a fashion risk to envision a winter white look incorporating this. But, I’ll tell you why they are so amazing that I am sharing the secret and actually encouraging you to go out and copy me.


ZARA KNIT takes comfort to a new level (and that level is COZY AF)

Have you ever gotten out of bed, taken a look at your closet and thought you would do literally anything to just wear the closest thing that resembles your pajamas to work? Yes, all the time. These knit joggers are quite possibly the most comfortable fabric –warm and soft, form-fitting with an elastic waistband. And still super chic. On a cold wintery day, jeans are a buzzkill. These knit bottoms honestly go better with any blouse or chunky sweater and will have your coworkers questioning if you’re in sleepwear.

Simplicity on bottom gives you options on top

You can be WHOEVER YOU WANT TO BE in these pants. I’ve gone super business-y in my white pair with a cheetah print silk blouse, and then #allwhiteeverything taking another blouse and layering over a chunky white sweater. You can tuck in or let it all hang out, and go from sporty to sexy depending on how creative you can get.

When you love something, buy it in 5 colors

After falling for these in white, I had to hop back online and see if there’s other ways I can wear this every day and work it into my winter wardrobe. Luckily, they come in five colors which gives you lots of options for styling. Only the best things in life come in five colors, that’s a fact. My grandmother had at least every pair of shoes she owned in three colors, so I would feel justified buying a few more of these heavenly bottoms.

Did I mention they’re $40?

I talk a lot about fast fashion, and sometimes when you’re after the latest trends, you’re either sacrificing quality for the cheap price, or spending way too much to achieve your look. The knit joggers don’t do either. For $40 you’re getting a quality pair of pants with multiple uses and the ability to afford the accessories to go with them or just the entire color story.

Look, I’m not out here to convince you to buy them…but it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you did. I’ll be rocking as many colors as possible to get myself through another dreadful winter by stylin’ and layerin’ like you wouldn’t believe.

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