EA Games Released Battlefront II AND Received The Most Downvoted Comment In The History Of Reddit For It

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is officially out, and now I have an excuse not to move from my couch ever again. However, it’s not all the glory you’d imagine for EA games after what was suppose to be a huge release. This game’s release is down 60% in sales from the first release. And above that, EA games received the most downvoted comment in the history of reddit. After they took the the troll-prone platform to defend themselves on why they are nickel-and-diming their players…to the extreme.


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Loot Boxes have been around for years, they are chargeable accessories mainly used for cosmetics and various other items, whats happening in Battlefront 2 is something more different.

The first problem is that they are offering power ups, so imagine starting the game with nothing but a pea shooter and you’re going against someone that purchased one of these boxes and they have a bazooka. You’ll lose that fight every time.

The second problem is famous Star Wars characters such Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are not available right from the start. You have two options either grind it out, which will take equivalent to 40 hours of playing the game or purchase them.

I’m a grind it out type of person, I want to get out what I’ve invested in the game, shit if I bought everything from these boxes I’d be bored within a week. The problem here is parents don’t understand this loot box concept, so when little Timmy is bugging mommy for an extra $10 he’s using that money on these boxes, and she doesn’t understand after spending $60 for the game itself.

As expected the Star Wars community lashed out at EA for already ruining this game. Yes, EA is part to blame but nothing will be done to resolve this problem…Why? Because EA doesn’t care. We’re lashing out at the wrong person, there’s someone out their in the galaxy thats far far away that holds the power of the dark side over EA….that would be Disney.

Disney doesn’t put up with any negative talk that inflicts harm on them. It gets resolved immediately. Since Disney has a $4 billion dollar investment in the Star Wars franchise, and Star Wars being one of the most popular franchises in the world I would imagine if we direct our focus at Disney, they would pick up the phone to have a nice long chat with the people over at EA Games. They need to learn that you shouldn’t piss off the nerds, or we will send you into the hall of shame. 


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