Eminem & Beyonce’s New Song Stinks So Bad I Can’t Comprehend It

I just don’t get it. When A-listers get together and make music together, it’s just suppose to be a banger. That’s just science. Jay Z and Justin Timberlake? Banger. Pitbull and Kesha? Banger. Eminem and Beyonce? Should be a banger, but it’s just alright.

Their single off of Eminem’s new album, Revival, just straight up stinks. I’m not saying it’s the worse song ever, it just could have been so much better. He had the audacity to collaborate with the queen of the internet, Beyonce, and create mediocrity as such. It’s a damn shame, and no chance will it be a ‘revival’ for his stagnant career. There’s not even a release date for his new album. If it were up to me, Jack Carpenter calling the shots over at Shady Records, I’d say shelf it. It’s over. He’s walked all 8 miles, and Revival, Eminem’s 9th album, is better off not seeing the light of day.

Here’s a live version (with a Beyonce fill-in) on SNL which he turned into a medley because he knows better than to play 4 minutes of this garbage. Give the people what they want, the hits (and new ones) !!!!

But like I said in Just A Minute segment, Beyonce’s part is pretty good. Just gotta come clean.

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