Why You All in My Grill: A Tale Of Going Above And Beyond In The Name of Holiday Spirit

On a scale of 1-to-Buddy the Elf, my enthusiasm for holiday decorating falls somewhere between Charlie Brown and Clark Griswold.

Maybe I haven’t really had the opportunity to hit my stride yet in the holiday decorating department, but one thing I do deck out is my car. Lila.
Yeah, I have a front door, but why let the fun stop there? Why not spruce up the Subaru with some yuletide cheer? Throw an ornament on the ol’ Outback. Slay my sleigh. So I set out with a mission: to deck my car’s grill with boughs of holly – the only fir I’ll wear.
Maybe Grandma got run over by a reindeer, but I didn’t tear through a Christmas Tree lot to get the wreath that’s hanging on the front of my car. Nah, I found this guy safely at George’s Market & Nursery in Latham, NY.
Size matters when it comes to wreaths, and George’s must make Santa super proud, as it’s the only spot this side of the North Pole offering perfect car-sized holiday hoops that are begging for a festive ribbon and a home to call their own for the season:
Just call me George Foreman because my grill is hot!
A real fir wreath with some festive flair is as far as I’ll take it though; you won’t see Lila cruising around town playing any reindeer games while donning antlers and a red nose. Let’s leave that to the professionals.
What’s guiding your sleigh, tonight? It doesn’t matter if it’s drawn by reindeer or horsepower, everyone should pimp their ride this season!

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