Meanwhile in Queensbury, Man Found with Enough Explosives In His House To Blow Up Entire Complex

Michael Young of Queensbury has been arrested because police found explosives in his apartment. The 54 year old man once worked in the demolition business, police are saying this wasn’t related to being a terrorist ploy. Just a guy with a whole lot of explosives in his home.

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It’s pretty fuckin terrifying having a story break like that’s close to home. Police have not given out too much information yet, the information they did provide however draws you a picture of how much this guy had.


  • 1K of blasting caps
  • lots of dynamite
  • commercial fireworks
  • homemade black powder
  • blasting machines

Clearly he had enough to blow up Queensbury if he wanted to. Warren County Sheriff Bud York says they haven’t seen this many explosives in one place in a long time.


photo: Times Union

This is why people preach “If you see something, say something” lord only knows how long he’s had that much explosives and what exactly he was planning to do with it. And you know how he was caught? He had a roommate move in and he showed them off to her, so of course she took it to police like any sane person would…

My day job is working for a news station, these recent attacks make me sick to my stomach every time we cover one. They seem to get worse every year too. I don’t want another to ever happen again, nor would I even know what to do if I was caught in one. I don’t want to speculate what this man was planning, I’m just glad that the police put an end to this.

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