Get High Tonight on the Adirondack 46ers Documentary, No Inhaling Required

Mountaintops are great, but that’s just my point of view.

If you’re looking to experience your own mountaintop epiphany from the cozy comforts of your living room, or have ever been intrigued by the quest to conquer the 46 High Peaks within the Adirondack Park, then tune in tonight to WMHT at 7:30 pm with a camelback and some trail mix to catch “The 46ers” Film.
Shaker High alum Blake Cortright was clearly moved by these mountains, as he’s the director behind “The 46ers,” a documentary in which he captures the essence of what it means and takes to become a 46er, shot against the stunning backdrop of the Adirondack Park, one of New York’s crown jewels. This is the one airing tonight on WMHT. 
“In August of 2012 my brother, my dad and I hiked the tallest peak in New York, Mt. Marcy, as part of a trip we had planned,” said Cortight. “We were looking to do six High Peaks over a three-day weekend, and we ended up just doing three. We walked away with a new sense of humility toward the mountains, and also a reverence that grew more and more as I spent more time on the project.”
If you’re from Upstate New York, I’m sure you must know someone who’s an aspiring Adirondack 46er, i.e. one of those “crazy” individuals who tasks themselves with the challenge of climbing all 46 peaks in the Adirondacks measuring more than 4,000 feet in height. Most of those mountains rise from the earth just a stone’s throw from the Capital Region on the outskirts of Lake Placid. And if you’re extra in the crazy department, you attempt to climb them all in the winter, too.

2BD - 46ers Film_Katir Gothics

2BD - 46ers Film_Katie winter

Becoming a 46er is a right of passage, entering into an exclusive group of outdoor junkies, fellow bark-eaters, and summit conquest-adors. It’s like the cool kids club of the hiker world, complete with well-earned bragging rights, an unparalleled sense of perspective and appreciation for the great outdoors and adrenaline, and a tremendous sense of accomplishment knowing your legs, lungs, and borderline-delirious thoughts carried you up and down miles of sometimes treacherous trail.

Tonight’s film focuses on the love for the Adirondacks demonstrated by accomplished hikers and 46ers, but Cortright said this film should be interesting for outdoor enthusiasts, history buffs, and those who genuinely appreciate the majestic Adirondacks.

“The beauty of the region really struck people… It’s almost like another world in our backyard… You step into the woods, and you’re away from all the craziness,” he says. “There is something in nature that innately touches people in ways that we can’t be touched in suburbia or in the city.”
Does the “craziness,” Cortright referred to contain traces of Troy Crazy? Perhaps we’ll never know. One thing I do know is that you won’t need a compass to find your True north tonight, instead give Netflix a break and indulge in a little more adventurous viewing for an hour – I know I’d appreciate a little more altitude and a little less attitude!
And I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ve waiting two years to see this. Blake and his crew originally promoted the movie through a series of screenings at movie theaters across the state in the fall of 2015, but I missed my chance. Now my only regret is that I didn’t organize some sort of viewing party for tonight’s premier…
Again, if you’re even remotely interested in this film, I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to watch/DVR it this time around this because who knows when it will air again, and your only guaranteed chance of future viewings involve a DVD (Blu Ray if you’re feeling fancy) and a payment of $7/month or one-time $84 payment gift to WMHT, so while I’m all about supporting the arts, philanthropy is not in my tax bracket at the moment, so I’m just giving you a heads up.
In addition to tonight, December 4, The 46ers will also air on WMHT on December 10 at 4:00 pm and 11 pm. Check where to find WMHT on your TV

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