Having Your Kids Get You Rich is the New Reason to Have Kids

Seriously, if your kids aren’t Instagram or YouTube famous in 2017, why are you even having kids? College isn’t getting any cheaper, concussions are too big of a deterrent from earning a football scholarship, so put these toddlers to work on the internet ASAP!

Just this week, Forbes’ released its 2017 list of the most popular YouTube stars, featuring a 6-year-old who collects $11 MILLION in income for his family from his channel Ryan ToysReview. And now I have never been more excited to reproduce in my entire life.

The idea of famous children obviously isn’t new, it’s just a whole lot easier now. Back in the day, being a child star used to have a lot to do with who your parents were –being the lucky offspring of famous musicians, athletes or Hollywood actors certainly helped. But now, suburban moms and dads with an iPhoneX can literally create an internet sensation right from the comfort of their cushy couch in a middle-class neighborhood. And, that is what 2017 is all about, people!

Adults today take having kids very seriously. Couples experience difficulties trying to get pregnant, women in their 40s can have complications carrying a child at an “older” age, and oh yeah, the world stinks right now and it’s an actual consideration of whether it’s even fair to bring a child into this bizarre universe.

But at the end of the day, a lot of people dive into parenthood because even though kids are a pain in the bum, they are freaking adorable and say and do the absolute funniest things. You have a mini comedian crawling and walking around your house at all times.

When you’re weighing out the pros and cons to having kids, you must factor in some brainstorming time with your significant other to determine what your child can do when they arrive on earth to make you rich. You need a strategy, though. Cute photos and recording their first steps aren’t going to do the trick this time around –we see enough of the generic raising children posts on social media and people are tired of it. We’re talking review shows and rant videos! That’s what the people really want.

Nothing says, “This was totally worth it” when you’re getting puked on at 4AM like an $11 million dollar check six years later. This is called bringing your parenting A-game.


Total side note: All joking aside about making your kids famous for you, the best local LOL’s on parenting come from the Times Union’s Kristi Gustafson Barlette (she obviously doesn’t do that). But while she clearly set the boundaries up front with her followers that she didn’t plan to share photos of her children, she frequently posts updates on her family’s latest cute and hilarious moments together.

I love how Kristi blends parenting with participating in social media without oversharing or putting her kids “out there.” Her status updates are concise, comical and relatable to so many out there, and I look forward to her lighthearted snapshots on topics we sometimes see way too much of on social media.

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