Adirondack Distillery Needs Your Help Naming Their Next Whiskey

I’d like to think Mr. Rogers would be proud of my neighborhood, as there’s a couple who lives a few blocks away and they’ve been getting into some pretty whiskey business lately. (Trust me, by the time you finish reading this, you will be humming the Mr. Rogers theme song, begging, “Please won’t you be my neighbor?”)

Whiskey is a laid back drink. Timeless. A true grandpa beverage, not a flavor of the week. Basically the official alcoholic beverage of cabins everywhere. It’s not for high-maintenance people because it’s not showy, and frankly, sometimes it doesn’t even look that good. But it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?

Well, not so fast, because what’s on the outside also counts for something, too, and that’s why this local couple, moonlighting as a duo of North Country distillers, is asking for your help in naming the next release through their Adirondack distillery, Murray’s Fools Distilling Co.

Murray’s Fools Distilling Company is a fully licensed farm distillery located in Upstate New York, just a few feet from the Blue Line, aka, the official border of the Adirondack Park. They currently produce ‘The Snowshoe’ Vodka and ‘La Pomme du Lac’ Apple Brandy, and expect to bottle their first batch of Adirondack Single Malt in the spring of 2018. This is where they need your help.

They’ve whittled the list down to four names, all with connections and ties to the Adirondacks and her history, including labels inspired by High Peaks and a 19th century Adirondack hunting skiff.

Voting is open until 8:30am Monday, December 18th. 

The couple are Capital Region professionals during the week, but give them a long weekend and they’ll be on the Northway so fast it’ll make your head spin.

Can you blame them though? For the past few years, they’ve been tirelessly building a distillery from scratch, deep in the Adirondacks, with strong ties to a distant but notable relative.
I guess one could say that Adirondack sap runs in their blood, because their Great Great Grandfather, W.H.H. Murray, is recognized as The Father of the Outdoor Movement. He literally invented the word, “vacation,” in his 1869 book, Adventures in the Wilderness, while enlightening Victorian-era folks to the wondered wilderness and inspiring them to make the trek for themselves.
Considered to be culturally important by scholars today, the book was super popular back in the day, and ultimately responsible for the Murray Rush of 1869, a movement that spurred thousands of 19th century city dwellers to get off their high horses and into Adirondack Guideboats to experience the serenity and beauty Murray described in his book.
As you can imagine, the Adirondacks are no place for bustles or hoop skirts, three-piece suits or top hats, so the initial adventurers were pretty ill-quipped to tackle the obstacles and challenges found in the wilderness, earning themselves the nickname, “Murray’s Fools”; however, those persistent, fortunate fools who survived inevitable wardrobe malfunctions and run-ins with wildlife eventually paved the way for the rest of us to enjoy, play, and vacation in the Adirondack Park as we know it today.
Since you’re reading this and following Two Buttons Deep, obviously your Mama didn’t raise no fool, so take one minute out of your weekend and head over to vote on the name of the next single malt whiskey you’d like to see on a shelf near you. Scheduled to debut in Spring 2018, keep in mind that while money can’t buy happiness, it can buy a bottle of whiskey, and sometimes that’s the next best thing. Bottoms up!
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