Happy 74th Birthday To The Legend Keith Richards

Happy birthday to the rock legend Keith Richards. At 74 years old, he’s one of the greatest to ever pick up a guitar. 2017 has sucked in the music world, heart breaking deaths left and right for artists far too young. At the same time its an internet joke that Richards is still alive, in fact The Rolling Stones are heading into the studio to record their first album of original material in 12 years.


Classic rock is the music I’ve grown up listening to. I’ve recently professed my love about alternative rock but my go to has always been classic. I could make a list of bands I wish I could have seen play back in the 60s and 70s, Keith and the Stones in their prime would be right up there.

Richards attributes the late legend Chuck Berry as his inspiration to his style of play. Think of any band that hasnt gotten inspiration from the Stones, you cant because the Stones are up there with The Beatles for bands that will never fade.


I was able to see The Rolling Stones back in 2015. I went into that show not expecting much performance wise. Everyone remembers there Super Bowl halftime performance which was a disaster. I kept telling myself, you’re seeing Rock n Roll legends, not everyday you get to see the Stones be thankful. Anddddddd then they came out blaring, thats when I knew I was in for a treat, fact that show is within my top-3 best shows I’ve ever been to.

Once again Happy Birthday to Keith Richards!

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