Move Over Diddy, Here Is My Official Bid To Buy The Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers will have a for sale sign next to their name come the end of the NFL season, and I think it has my name of it.

Jerry Richardson, the current owner and founder of the Panthers is in deep shit. According to reports from Sports Illustrated alleging he had for years sexually harassed employees and made racially charged statements. Richardson joins a long and very active list of celebrities and even powerful politicians have been brought down from power because of sexual harassment allegations.

jeery 2This story immediately remind me of Donald Sterling, the previous owner of the Los Angeles Clippers before he too got the boot for being a racist. What Sterling was caught saying was pretty fucked up, so I would imagine Richardson is along the same path. It’s good that he’s selling the team without making a scene, the shitty part is he’s still going to be a billionaire when its all said and done.


If there’s one message that’s prevailing in 2017 over anything else and that’s peoples voices are being heard when it comes to sexual harassment, and racially charged statements. Doesn’t matter if you’re stinky rich with a lot of “power”.

jeery statue

That statue will probably be removed.

And now it’s my time…What sports geek hasn’t ever thought about owning a sports franchise? Owning the Panthers would be a perfect scenario right now. You have a young talented team, with a franchise quarterback like Cam Newton. The Panthers are only two years removed from appearing in the Super Bowl, chances of them making it over my beloved Dallas Cowboys seems more likely. Last but certainly not least they are located in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina… I love the south.

Rap mogul Diddy is the only one so far to come out and say that he’s interested in purchasing the Panthers, with the support from Steph Curry, Colin Kaepernick, and Chris Rock.


Diddy I think you’re a little busy with your television channel Revolt TV (is that still around?) I remember the commercials but haven’t heard a thing since then…

Mark Cuban the Dallas Mavericks owner has stated for the record that he doesn’t have any interest in purchasing the team, neither does Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan. There’s one thing though that all those guys have, and I have very little, and that’s…money.


But to be the majority owner NFL ownership rules require one person for new teams that are being purchased to own 30 percent of the equity. So you’re talking about someone who needs to write a check for 600 million dollars. I don’t have $600 million hanging around. Unless they’re talking Monopoly money? Then I could make it work eventually.

With that being said, it’s time to go Two Buttons Deep and state my claim to become the next owner of the Carolina Panthers. Not to brag but I am in the championship game of my fantasy football league with my friends, so I do have some football knowledge, and a chance to make money*.

Benefits of me being the owner? I would keep the team in Charlotte, along with the name and colors. Rebranding is expensive and people don’t like it. Maybe do a black out jersey night (Thursday night color rush doesn’t count). If you think Mark Cuban is a passionate owner, you haven’t seen passionate! Give me a pair of pads, a jersey, and a helmet and I’ll play for the team!

The problem is that I’m not stinky rich…. so I need some help. Send all the monopoly money my way and maybe, just maybe, I can make this work.

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