Two Buttons Deep Tuesday: Josh Peck Visits His “Childhood Home”

It’s always a shocker to do a minimal amount of research on your favorite childhood show and realize it wasn’t shit at all. Drake and Josh only ran for 3 years? Why do I feel like I grew up with them? Was I fooled by re-runs on a B-list sister station? Or does 3 years just feel like a hell of a long time when you’re 10? I’ll go with the latter. 

Today a video made its way into my life that truly hit my feels. Josh Peck returning to his childhood home. At least the exterior of a real Hollywood home they used as establishing shots of the Nickelodeon show he starred in.

It’s funny how you associate random houses with a sitcom, like the Full House house in San Fran. Poor owners didn’t do anything except move in and they’re bombarded by tourists on the regular oohing and awwwing over a house their favorite celebrities haven’t ever stepped foot in.

All shows are shot in a studio, but they can’t build an entire house inside a studio, so they shoot a real one. And just our luck, this one is for sale for a slim 1.8 MILLION. This is why I hate L.A. Shit would cost .5 Mil in Upstate.


The San Fernando Valley crib show producers used for exterior shots is up for a cool $1.85 million. It’s got 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, a tennis court and a pool.

Drake and Josh shared a bedroom on TV … but the real crib has enough space for both brothers, their parents and little sister — played by Miranda Cosgrove — to each have their own room.


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