Taylor Does the Fly92 Morning Rush

The day after Christmas is usually reserved for hangovers, sleeping in, returning presents and leftovers. But not when you’re invited to be a guest on Albany’s #1 Hit Music Station, then you get your bum outta bed at 4:45AM and head to the radio station for your big debut on the Fly Morning Rush, which is what I did this week.

Now, this isn’t the first time the Two Buttons Deep crew has partnered with FLY –a few months ago went behind the scenes at Starley’s show at Jupiter Hall and had a blast with Jake Allen and his crew (video below). So, when Jake reached out with this opportunity, we knew he was just dying to go Two Buttons Deep again. Can you blame him?

Doing a morning show on the radio is no joke, people! At least I’m a real-life morning person, so the early wake-up call wasn’t too shocking. What WAS shocking was that I completely forgot to clean my car off from the day before’s snowstorm, and still made it in by 6AM to take my seat inside the walls of Albany Broadcasting.

I was ready to wing it more than ever, considering I’ve never been on the radio before. But, I have been told a time or two that my signature raspy voice would be perfect for it (please refrain from making the “you have a face for radio” joke). Turned out winging it was pretty easy thanks to Jake, we had great conversation and a lot of laughs. I got to see the behind-the-scenes (basically A LOT of pressing buttons which I was super happy I didn’t have to do) and learned that the best result comes from just you bein’ you.

If you listened, how did I do? And if you didn’t, keep your eyes and ears opened for the next time I get a chance to go Two Buttons Deep with you on your morning commute. 

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