The Dallas Cowboys Deserved to Miss the Playoffs This Year And Here’s Why

The Dallas Cowboys, “Americas Team,” my beloved team, has ripped my heart out yet again.

I wrote back in July that this season might not have the same outcome as last year when they went 13-3, made it to the playoffs and lost to Green Bay…Curse you Aaron Rogers. Well I was right. In November I showed some frustration because the chances of the Cowboys making the playoffs was slim. Well here we are, it’s the dawn of playoffs and the Cowboys lost Sunday’s game to the Seattle Seahawks which eliminated them from the playoffs.


Then I see our #1 star wide receiver Dez Bryant was being a drama queen during the entire game, whats your problem dude? Even the announcers Joe Buck and Troy Aikman noticed it during and pointed it out.  He caught 3 passes for 33 yards, lost a fumble (which resulted in a Seahawks touchdown) and had a perfectly thrown ball go right through his hands, and get picked off. Here’s another stat about Dez… hes been held to 21 straight games without 100+ receiving yards.


To make things worse on the matter, a little beef sprouted between Dez and Dak Prescott after the game. The tweet below says it all. Just what this team needs heading into the off season.

dez tweet

Jerry Jones, I hope you’re happy with your teams performance, I hope you’re happy that everyone is laughing at you yet again. This year was a disaster, the NFL was going to suspend Ezekiel Elliott no matter what, why he fought it until week 10 beats me. Jerry is the Owner and General Manger of the team, a combination you don’t ever see in sports. Typically when a head coach gets fired the GM is next. Not the case in Dallas. The Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1996, that was also the last time they made it to the NFC Championship game.

I thought after last years change with Tony Romo losing his starting roll at QB and a young stud running back would be the change this team needed to succeed…..wrong. It all starts at the top, I’ve said it before in previous blogs and thats Jerry Jones is very successful business man. It’s why he’s a billionaire and I’m not. However he’s a terrible GM. Since their last Super Bowl back in 1996 the Cowboys have been to the playoffs nine times with only three wins to show for it. Since Jason Garrett became the Head Coach back in 2010, he has a regular season record of 66-53 with two trips to the playoffs, with the team playing in three games, coming away with only one win.

He’s gotta go.


I feel bad for players like Jason Witten. He’s been with the team since 2003, first ballot Hall of Famer for sure, unanimous. He’s one of the good guys that you never hear about for the wrong reasons. On and off the field he shows nothing but class. I could probably put together an all-pro team of people who never won a Super Bowl and he would be on it if he chose to hang the cleats up today. But when you hear that Witten was getting emotional during his interviews and quotes like this from last nights game “I’ve lived the dream here” you wonder if it really is the end.

Here’s my open letter to Mr. Jones heading into the off season….fix your shit or else I’ll become a Bills fan…. I Billeve!




How do you feel?

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