Are Naked Workout Sessions the Hot New Thing For 2018? One NY Fitness Studio Thinks So

Disclaimer: READ THIS POST before you just jump to conclusions after seeing the headline. And definitely don’t Google “naked workout” because it is as NSFW as it sounds.

Anyway, now that my research for this post has scarred me for life, a fitness studio in New York called Hanson Fitness is offering nude workout sessions to kick off 2018.

I’m gonna go ahead and say that is a BOLD move given the current sexual harassment climate, and well actually also the real climate of frigid cold winter temperatures. You can hardly get me to work out fully clothed as it is, the thought of stripping down before working up a sweat in a group setting is, one hundred percent….a no go.


But of course they thought about the risqué first reaction already, so they offer three versions of the class: one for the gals, one for the guys and one for everybody if you’re feeling extra creepy cheeky.

Here’s the thing, it’s great to have options, but is one of those really better than the other? I don’t want to see ANYBODY naked who I don’t want to see naked on purpose. That should be true across the board for everyone out there no matter if it’s same sex or co-ed.

But you know, those fitness freaks are a different breed, man. From #gains to meal prep to sponsored Instagram ads, hardcore gym goers are willing to try almost anything that can improve their workout routine. So maybe they’re down to get naked with their #fitfam?

Working out naked can increase your range of motion and help keep you cooler during a gym sesh. They say it can improve your “body awareness,” but yeah no shit, everyone is going to be aware of my body now!

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