Jack Is Wrong – Video Games Actually DO Help People

I will be throwing the counter punch to Jack’s post about video games. What he wrote is 95% accurate, HOWEVA! Video games are awesome, video games are beneficial in a few ways.

My parents kicked my ass outside when I was a kid at the crack of dawn, “figure out a way to entertain yourself” they told me. But I also grew up with video games, I’ve owned all the classic consoles (still have most of them). Video games became my stress relief after a long day. Some people like to read a book, some like to watch Netflix, others like me like to play video games, I see no problem in that.


Now after the WHO recently diagnosed video game addiction as a mental health issue there has been a lot of outrage and controversy surrounding video games. Are they good for you? Bad for you? Jack thinks the latter, but I heavily disagree, and here’s why.

Lets start with Pokemon Go, a game that’s been out for well over a year and still has an active number of over 20 million people playing. This game forces people outside to catch Pokemon, the very basic core of the game play. It has been reported by the World of Psychology that Pokemon Go has helped people suffering from depression to get outside and meet people. Incredible that a video game could do such a feat.

pokemon go

Next up is Esports, the professional level of gaming. Esports tournaments are taking off at a rapid level, major TV deals are happening and colleges are realizing the money making potential. There are more than 30 colleges that offer scholarships to play video games…..I wish I was 18 again so I could do this!

Imagine all those years when you were younger staying up till 2am playing a game while your parents were pissed at you because thats all you did. I think my stepdad would have had a heart attack if thats how I paid for school.


Another way video games are helping people, this might be the most important one are people with Autism. Studies have been conducted and there are beneficial results for kids with Autism that play video games. “Video games by their very nature require flexibility, learning from mistakes and adapting to new challenges and demands”.

When it comes down to it I believe the root of all of this is how you were parented and raised to handle responsibility. Like anything it comes down to parenting, manners, chores, etc. etc. If parents let you play video games 24/7 of course you’ll give two shits about anything else. Go to the mall and see how many parents give their young kids their phones or a tablet and ask them why. I bet you a dollar they’ll say “well it keeps them distracted or else they’ll be a hassle if they don’t have it”.

Also Jack…I see you said you’re pretty good at Super Smash only on N64. Do I hear a challenge?


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