Real News: Trump Is Hosting A “Fake News Media Awards Show” On Monday. I Think. I Can’t Tell If He’s Serious. But He Probably Is.

“Is this real?” I find myself asking at least once a day when a Trump tweet pops up. Literally.

The dishonest media awards!!! Can you believe it. I’m staying tuned for sure. Will it be over twitter? Twitter live? Is that a thing? My guess is it will just be tweets. Maybe a TV special, oh look! I found a preview:

So just like the Oscars, Emmys, Superbowl, we gotta make predictions, so here are what I’m calling in as Trump’s Top 3 Fake News media outlets.

#1. CNN. No doubt. It was his first national spar, I think, I can’t bare keeping up with the news, but I’m pretty sure that’s his kryptonite.

#2. New York Times. Because they’re FAILING


#3. MSNBC. because he seldom, if ever watches them!

At the bottom of the fake news list? Fox and Friends. Does he own this show? Literally tags them in his tweets like a two people in fresh relationship tag each other in memes.

Anyways, you know where I’ll be at 5PM on Monday. I’ll make room for that to be primetime. If this POTUS does anything well, he puts on one hell of a show.


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