I’m the Only Person Who’s Happy About Game of Thrones Returning in 2019

This is legit music to my ears. HBO announced today its hit show, Game of Thrones, is taking a year off before debuting its final season in 2019. Fans are undoubtedly upset to hear the news, but I. Am. Hyped.

As the one person (literally, I have to be the only person) who doesn’t watch this show, the 2019 debut means I can go an entire 365+ days without being out of the loop on the most popular thing social media and the television industry has literally ever seen.

There is no sporting event, awards show or Trump tweet that is anywhere near as popular online as this show. It’s outrageous, especially for those who don’t know a damn thing about it. The only thing that makes me seem funny/relevant on Twitter when the show’s on is tweeting about how I can’t check my TL for the 24 hours before and after an episode airs. And even that will only guarantee me a favorite or two.

People say I would LOVE it. Why? Because everyone loves it! Do they know I binge episodes of Property Brothers and Shark Tank on the reg? Clearly not. Maybe these people even call me a hipster for not being into what’s popular and cool.

The only thing I know about Game of Thrones is that in 2011, the summer before college, my friends were watching it on TV and I said, “Please get this medieval porn off the screen.”


Those were my exact words, and my guy friends *had* been known a time or two to put something X-rated on TV just to freak me out, and for whatever reason a particular GoT screen had me feeling like I was OUT on the show and wanted nothing to do with it.

So, yes, I will gladly take the time off this show needs to get it together for the final season. HBO is amazing, and yes, if I watched GoT I would probably love it, but my goodness…Chip and Joanna Gaines just announced they’re having a 5th baby! Let’s milk that in the headlines for a while before I have to hear about this weird shit.

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