Frozen Iguanas Are Literally Falling Out of Trees in Florida

Well, yesterday it was Oregon taking centerstage for being crybabies about pumping their own gas, but today Florida takes back their title as the weirdest news state in America. 

Due to this crazy cold the entire east coast is experiencing, certain parts of Florida have seen snow on the ground for the first time in decades. The thing they are seeing for probably the first time ever though, are iguanas falling out of the trees.

Yup, these little guys are frozen from these frigid temps and free fallin’ right to the ground! We all knew the raining cats and dogs phrase was just a joke, but you can’t tell me you wouldn’t freak out if you saw an amphibian (some are up to six feet long) fall out of the sky.


Photo: Palm Frank Cerabino, Beach Post

Here’s the kicker though, see that one in the photo above? Looks dead, right? Nope! They are literally just frozen for now, and should warm up and come back to life as soon as the temperatures start to rise. Most of the iguanas will turn a dark gray or brown color when they’re frozen so not sure what’s happening to this one –but people are wondering if they should pick them up, touch them, take them inside? Experts say don’t do any of that and just leave them be.

As reported by the New York Times:

“Even if they look dead as a doornail — they’re gray and stiff — as soon as it starts to heat up and they get hit by the sun rays, it’s this rejuvenation,” he said. “The ones that survive that cold streak are basically passing on that gene.”

So, congratulations Florida. We know you’re not equipped with winter coats and snow plows so this Bomb Cyclone thing is hard enough on you as it is. But now, Mother Nature is adding a little bit more to your plate and making you witness reptiles falling from the sky. Let us know how this one works out.


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