There’s an App That Reminds You 5 Times a Day That You’re Going to Die

Who knew to be happy in life, we needed to be constantly reminded that we are all inevitably going to die? Well, apparently the Bhutanese people knew all about this theory because, well, they invented it. In Bhutan (a country in South Asia), their Buddhist culture birthed the idea that to be a happy, a person must contemplate death five times daily.

So, what do the people of the modern world do with a piece of intense information like that? They create an app and send us willing weirdos a notification to let us know we, too are going to die!

Enter: WeCroak. An app that alerts you, yes you guessed it, five times a day that you’re going to die eventually. According to the app’s website, here’s why:

You are encouraged to take one moment for contemplation, conscious breathing or meditation when WeCroak notifications arrive. We find that a regular practice of contemplating mortality helps spur needed change, accept what we must, let go of things that don’t matter and honor things that do.

Well, that doesn’t sound so bad actually. If you’re willing to take the Bhutanese advice, you can spend the 99 cents for the app just as its 9,000 users have done already. For that price, you get an ad-free app that sends gentle reminders to take a pause and read thought-provoking quotes from some of literatures best and brightest –like Emily Dickinson, Charles Buckowski and Pablo Neruda. I mean overall the message still stinks, no one likes to think about dying, but I get it I get it.

It’s hard for me to decide how I feel about this one. I think a lot of us go down some deep, dark rabbit holes on a daily basis –especially those of us in our 20s where life seems so uncertain and all we want are some answers, man! I don’t think about dying, but I think about where the F my life is going to end up like, once an hour. Do I really need to throw the death card on top of all that?

Also, five times a day seems a little aggressive. I understand how contemplating the inevitable end could make us stop sweating the small stuff and decide to YOLO all the damn time, which I appreciate. But death can also paralyze us with fear about the past, present and future. This is heavy stuff and I think you’d need to really think about if you want to try this method out before you dive right in –cause you just can’t control how it will play with your lifestyle getting bombarded with these messages. A lot to process, for sure.

Try this one out for size…like am I even intellectually capable of processing this???? Idk.


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