Jack Does The Albany Patroons Season Opener Game

I’m not even gonna front, not a huge basketball guy. But when a new team comes into our city of Albany, imma give them a chance. So I went to the Washington Armory in the FREEZING depths of the bombcyclone (memba that?) and dabbled around to see what the Patroons were all about.

Apparently this franchise carries quite the legacy starting back in the late 70’s. Most notably Phil Jackson, aka the head coach of the Chicago Bulls in their 90’s prime started his career here. There’s also a Lakers players that now currently plays here. Lots of other people too but, like I said, not a huge basketball guy. But the energy was there, over 1,000 braved the cold, they had good relatively overpriced domestic beer, and best of all, the Patroons took home the W.

We also met a few guys who are three years deep into making a documentary about the Patroons in their hayday. It had nothing do with them returning as a franchise, it just happened becayuse sometimes things work out like that. It’s pretty sweet, check out their work in progress here.

For a more in-depth look into the team, read up on Kyle’s article about the team.

For info about the Patroons, visit their website

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