Taco Bell is the Spiciest New Backdrop for Your…Maternity Photos

I do love a good baby bump. In fact I can’t wait to be pregnant just so I don’t have to worry about my usual rolls in the belly area since they’ll be replaced with a bun in the oven AKA an excuse to wear all the body con dresses and tight outfits like all the soon-to-be mommy bloggers love to do.

And one hot pregnancy trend these days is to take maternity photos while you’re sporting that baby bump. It’s literally life’s biggest miracle and a crazy, emotional ride for a woman (and her family) so why not capture it with an overpriced photographer while you’re sweating in a meadow finding out which new grain you’re allergic to?

And that’s just it –the most popular places for these pics are beautiful, scenic spaces like open fields or sandy beaches. Family got a lake house? Step out on that dock at sunset! Already a pet mom? Bring your pooch along for the shoot and walk the path of a state park.

OR, screw all of that and just go to Taco Bell!


Target was already taken from the similar viral post from last summer, so this Atlanta mommy-to-be researched to find the perfect Taco Bell location to take her baby bump pics. She says she feels a special connection to the fast-food chain versus more “traditional” photo shoot settings. So why not take a road trip to a “fancy” T-Bell and snap away?

I know Stefan would say the hottest new location for pregnancy photos is:


But I think this is…stupid. Are you ever going to hang these photos in your house? No. Are you desperate to go viral? 100% absolutely. Did Taco Bell pay you??? Maybe???


I feel like this chick is underestimating the power of her future kid to help make her famous someday. I’m SURE your kid will do something viral and maybe get you some ad revenue on your YouTube videos at some point. No need to put the cart before the horse here and try to make yourself the star of the show one last time.

She did do one thing that the Two Buttons Deep crew can certainly respect –she apparently did NOT ask for permission to shoot these photos at Taco Bell and said she was going by the “ask for forgiveness, not permission” rule. That’s basically the motto here at 2BD HQ so I do fully support the ballsiness in her attempt to take some funny photos. Only thing is they’re just not funny…


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