No Matter Your Budget or Lifestyle, Skincare is IN in 2018

Skincare is just another thing that makes its way to the top of everyone’s New Year’s Resolution list. It’s a commitment we all need to make, and most of us don’t do it well enough on a regular basis. A skincare regimen takes commitment, because even if you have the cash to invest in top of the line stuff, your eating, drinking and sleeping habits can negate the work of all that pricy product.

That’s right –if you’re eating like shit, drinking too much alcohol and not enough water, and clocking less than 7 hours of sleep each night, your skin is going to show it and let the whole world know you ain’t treating your body with the upmost respect it deserves.


I can’t tell you how many friends of mine (especially guys) receive constant reminders from me that they need to moisturize! I’m stereotyping, but I think the ladies out there have a better grip on skincare than men typically do. We wear makeup, so we gotta make sure those pores are clean and the blackheads are not to be seen. But dudes just assume three-in-one shampoo, conditioner and body wash can be lathered on as a face wash, too. False!

Now, I’m not an expert and I definitely don’t invest in the most expensive lines out there, but I keep an eye out on the trends and have tried a good amount of products that I’ve been digging enough to repeat purchase and recommend to my friends. So, take a look at some of the things you can do to treat yo’self and keep your skin clear and rock that natural glow.

Wash your face (but not too much)

Unless you work out and take multiple showers a day, you should be good to wash your face just once –preferably in the evenings after a full day of activity. Washing your face too often, like every time you’re in the shower, can leave your skin dried out and absent of those natural oils we’ve all got goin’ on. Those oils can actually be good for you ya know, you actually need them so they’re there for a reason.

This Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser is nice and light and a great product to mix into your daily routine. It’s soft, creamy and leaves your skin feeling nice and smooth. Milk cleanser is particularly good in the makeup removal process. It’s got great reviews (And I personally use it) but beware for those with sensitive skin –so read the reviews before trying it out.


Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser, $18

Another tried-and-true face wash for me has always been one of the many Neutrogena facial cleansing products. They’re affordable and really do make a difference, especially if you’re washing your face in efforts to keep zits away from that precious face of yours. The orange foaming cleanser is perfect for your face, chest or even behind you to get that back-ne action.

Protect those under eyes

I remember listening to a celebrity interview, could’ve been Gweneth Paltrow or someone just as fabulous, but when asked about a beauty tip they wish they tried earlier, using eye cream at a younger age was their #1 suggestion. The skin underneath your eyes is not as tough or durable as other places, so it needs to be taken care of extra gently to keep it strong and to prevent wrinkles, bags, etc.

Eye cream can be applied during the day and before bedtime, plus it’s a great habit to get into as a 20-something when the wrinkles aren’t there quite yet. This way you don’t have to spend that much and you’re protecting yourself for the future.


Mask On

Not the kind from the Future song:


But the kind that turns you into this:


Masks are all of a sudden the hottest thing ever –even for the guys. The bloggers over at Barstool Sports are helping this trend blow up for the male audience as they casually post their mask selfies as the alternative activity to going out on a snowy winter weekend. Now, you’ve got to be careful with masks because there are some that can be used daily, and others that are definitely more of a couple times a week thing.

I’m currently in the market for a mask I can use more frequently (and just ordered Glossier’s Moon Mask), but these “sometimes” ones from LUSH are on the top of my list to really make you feel like you’re scrubbing away the impurities, and looking like a 5-year-old who just played in the dirt while doing it. Each can be left on for 15 minutes before cleaning off with warm water.

More about what these two do, from LUSH:

Cup O’ Coffee: Wake up and invigorate your skin and mind with the rich, intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed coffee and sweet roasted cocoa extract. Kaolin deeply cleanses impurities from the pores and ground coffee acts as a gentle scrub to buff away dryness and reveal glowing skin beneath. Smooth this one all over your body to feel soft, clean and wonderfully fragrant.

Mask of Magnaminty: This tingly, minty face and body mask was formulated to be intensely cleansing but never harsh or abrasive. Kaolin clay and peppermint oil rid your pores of debris, giving you a delightfully tingly clean sensation. We add loads of ground aduki beans to exfoliate flaky or dry skin, vanilla absolute to calm redness and honey to soothe and moisturize.

Get Moist(urized)

You can’t complain about winter and dry skin if you moisturize properly, ’cause if you moisturized, this dryness would be a goner. Like I said, you can even just drink plenty water to help out with that! I like to moisturize in the morning with a light, priming moisturizer (especially for those of us who wear makeup) and then lather something on a bit more substantial in the evening that can be soaked up while you sleep.

If you notice your boyfriend or male bestie is looking a little dry in the face, kindly remind him of this simple daily task that will make his life a lot easier. I’d recommend a basic, fragrance-free moisturizer like Cetaphil (their cleansers are great, too, for those with sensitive skin.

See, was that so hard? Four budget friendly skincare musts for 2018, and zero excuses not to start adopting some of these into your daily and nightly routine. And because they’re important, some honorable mentions:

USE SPF yearround! Or a moisturizer with SPF: We all know how important it is to protect our pretty little skin from the sun at a young age (and forever after that).

Get a good acne spot cream: I have been LOVING the Burt’s Bees spot treatment cream. It’s all natural and doesn’t make my skin burn or feel irritated from too much Salicylic acid, which is one of the main ingredients in acne-fighting products.

Don’t touch your face: Seriously, stop it! Make sure your hands are clean if you’re going to touch any part of your face for an extended period of time besides scratching an itch. You don’t want to add extra germs on there or pick at your skin –that’s going to leave marks for a lot longer than the duration of that zit.

So, set some goals and treat your skin as nicely as possible this new year. You’ll thank yourself, and your Tinder matches will be hyped to see you look just as good in person as you do in those Face-Tuned profile photos of yours.


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