Students at This Puerto Rican School Go NUTS After Power Returns for the First Time in 112 Days

Dare I say this is…electric. It’s unfathomable to imagine that people have gone 112 days, AKA almost 4 months without electricity in Puerto Rico after the devastation of Hurricane Maria. Here we are moseying around in the states while a country of our own is living in the 1700’s trying to piece their lives back together in the dark.

However the people of PR were feeling, which I’m sure is nothing but resentment and bitterness, was lifted off their shoulders as the power returned today. Still 40 percent of the island is left in the dark, so about 1.4 million people. Puerto Rico has experienced the largest and longest power outage in U.S. history.

Slowly but surely the island is recovering, heroic U.S. electric workers (whodathunk) from Tampa Electric are heading down to the island to help with restoring power to the rest of the island. Why? Because they say it’s “in our blood.”

This is going to be something that is engrained in the brains of every person at that school. They will remember this moment of celebration forever. I don’t even have something so joyous to compare to in my life because life in Upstate NY isn’t that hard, plus, no hurricanes.

If anything, this is a reason to look around you and appreciate the things you do have, like a working electronic device on which you’re reading this article. Life is better than you think it is.

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