Dad Makes the BEST Bubble Bath of All Time, Automatically Becomes Father of the Year


Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 8.38.00 AMParenting is tough, and getting your mini monsters to bathe and get ready for bed without having a meltdown is probably one of the hardest challenges a human can face. But, if you add some bubbles to that bath, it can go a little bit more smoothly.

And if you add an insane amount of bubbles, like so many bubbles that it brings back memories of the washing machine overflowing with suds like in the cartoons, your children will smile and giggle and probably never want to get out of the bathtub again.

This one dad decided to give his wifey a break and take over the bath time duty with their kiddos. He didn’t know how hard or exhausting it could be, so it appears as though he just kept adding more bubbles into the tub until his kids stopped crying and started loving it.

There is literally nothing better than hearing a child laugh; it is the most pure, innocent thing in the world and it’s so contagious. That’s exactly how videos like this become so popular, because all of us can sit at home and legitimately laugh out loud with these kids.

This story is particularly nice because even dad realized what a special moment this was, and not just because of the epic levels his bubble tower reached.

“My wife is so good with our kids, and this experience has been a huge eye-opener [for] me,” he told his local news station FOX 13. “We’re hoping to inspire men to take a more active roll in their families. We usually focus so much on money, achievements, and routine, but ironically, its crazy moments like this that really mean the most to your family.”

And hey, it might even make us adults want to try adding some more bubbles next time we take a bath, because honestly who wouldn’t want to hang out in the most extreme bubble bath that’s ever existed? Dad, can you please share what magical brand of bubbles this is with us?


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