The Amazon Go Store is Officially Real and it’s the Coolest Thing Ever


photo: Kyle Johnson for The New York Times

I think I need to move to Seattle because it wasn’t already one of the coolest, most hip spots on the West Coast, the launch of the first Amazon Go store –a mini market with NO checkout lines or cashiers, officially makes Seattle the #1 city to be in right now.

Amazon’s been talking about this idea for a while: a place shoppers could go for something quick, and have the experience be actually just as quick as you’d hope.

That means no getting stuck behind someone buying 32 cans of cat food or realizing you forgot something at the bottom of your cart (once you get home) and having to go back and get it.

Amazon Go, as shown in the picture above, looks like you’re walking onto the London Tube or NYC Subway as you pass through an entrance that grants you admission as long as you’ve downloaded the Amazon App on your phone. That app is not only your ticket in, but it’s the way Amazon tracks purchases every time you pick an item up from the shelf and put it in your hand, your shopping bag, whatever you decide to carry your groceries in.


photo: Kyle Johnson for The New York Times

You can buy the typical mini-mart items like beer or potato chips, but shoppers also have access to select Whole Foods products thanks to Amazon’s acquisition of the company in 2017.  But, what happens once you’ve grabbed your necessities and are ready to GTFO? Well, that’s exactly what you do. You GTFO and walk back through the gates without waiting in line or talking to a single soul. Amazon tracks your purchases while you walk on by and minutes later, sends you a digital receipt recapping your trip.

For shoppers, this is basically a dream come true. Finally, the ease we’ve all been waiting for in a quick trip to the market! I truly dislike going grocery shopping and THIS makes me want to buy a one-way ticket West right this second. And of course people are going to love this idea, right? While there’s only one store right now and none planned (says sneaky world-ruling Amazon) this concept is undoubtedly going to take off and is even going to put the Devil’s Advocate haters to shame as Amazon can put down the one argument I foresee with this concept:

Well, Amazon is killing jobs for cashiers, right?

Not so fast –though the store doesn’t have the typical grocery store checkout line staff, the store is employed by Amazon staff who can assist customers in other, more beneficial ways. There’s someone to ID you before you walk out with your 6-pack in hand, and others to help assist with the technology and answer questions as you assimilate yourself into the new shopping experience.

So, think of it this way –traditional cashiers are getting a job upgrade. Instead of mindlessly scanning items and sending them down the conveyor belt, they can create meaningful interactions with customers and help the in-store experience be as great as it should be.

With that one question answered, I am sure this concept is going to be yet ANOTHER home run for the King of all Kings. Keep cashin’ those checks Bezos.


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