Katie Stauffer, AKA Mila’s Mom, Calls Out BuzzFeed Writer for Less Than “Glowing” Article

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 8.28.18 AMSo, you might not know Katie Stauffer by name, but you certainly know her family. She’s mom to adorable Insta-famous twins Mila and Emma who fill our feeds with viral videos sharing wisdom from the trendiest, sassiest toddlers. Stauffer’s other three children appear on her feed from time to time and help produce and edit the videos the family posts on their YouTube channel, which has over 300,000 subscribers.

In a since-been-deleted series of videos via Instagram story, Stauffer stepped in front of the camera to call out a BuzzFeed writer for misleading her about an article the website planned to feature the family in.

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They say things on the Internet exist even after they’re deleted, but this Insta story can no longer be found so I’ll have to paraphrase here –but I think the story is important (or interesting) enough to keep talking about.

Stauffer’s video told the full story from her point of view: A writer enthusiastically approached her about an article. The writer complimented the family’s social media presence and funny videos, and said BuzzFeed wanted to write a feature about it. After a pleasant day of in-person interviews, the follow up seemed a bit…less pleasant. Stauffer said she thought the follow-up questions would place the family in a negative light, which for a mother of five young kids clearly raised a red flag.

When she asked the writer where these questions came from, the writer firmly stated she could not tell her what the article would be about, or what the tone would be. Stauffer, in mom-protector mode, said she felt like she was mislead by the company and the journalist who approached her. So, she called BuzzFeed and the writer out and voiced her displeasure…and then deleted it.


And if she settled this privately with BuzzFeed after the fact, that’s fine, but this whole debacle raises a few good questions/points.

Should she be mad the journalist wouldn’t tell her more info about the article?

I’m a trained journalist, and I have to side with the BuzzFeed writer a little bit on this one. As a journalist, you don’t really owe your sources anything in terms of spilling all the details of your story before it’s published. If you give too much info, your sources might change their responses so that they position themselves in the best possible light or answer questions the way they think you might want them to.

Having said that, I can see where Stauffer felt betrayed if the writer came in with a warm welcome to persuade the family to say yes, and then changed her tone later on after she earned their trust. That ain’t cool, especially for a mom who wants nothing more than to protect her kids in this crazy online world we live in.

The haters will undoubtedly call out Stauffer and say, “Well, what did you expect?” and blame her for putting her kids out there for her benefit (to make money, create partnerships, etc.)

Disagree, haters. Stauffer is very open and honest about what her and her children do together, and if you look at their posts, her kids are begging her to make more videos and take more pictures! It’s modern day family bonding. The photos she takes are high quality and 100 percent adorable, and you’d be lying if you said you have never LOLed at one of Mila’s sassy videos.

Yes, with Instagram and YouTube fame comes paid sponsorships, ads and a lot of free product to promote, but that’s sort of the goal. It doesn’t mean she’s a bad mom for putting her kids out there, especially since the kids seem to love it.

Regardless of how much she posts about her family life, she can control all of that content, not the responses to it, but the content. So, Stauffer’s scare is justified if she thought BuzzFeed could publish a post that could portray the family in a negative light when everything else out there seems to be positive. I am curious to know why the Instagram story suddenly disappeared, and if there will be follow up. So, I’ll keep going Two Buttons Deep and keep you posted if anything else comes of this.

But for now, some Super Bowl prep:

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  1. Heather

    I feel like you should know how instagram stories work, it’s not like she deleted the videos…. you make it seem like she is being shady…

    • Taylor

      She deleted the story before the 24-hour automatic deletion window.

  2. Taylor
  3. Kay Brentwood

    She drives me crazy. Gives all attention to Mila who is coached as to what to say. Takes away the cuteness & spontaneity out of it. The twins should be treated fairly but Mila seems to be the money maker I suppose. #lessMilamoreEmma


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