Taylor Does the Glacier Ice Bar at The Sagamore



The Sagamore is one of those places in Upstate New York that everyone knows about…especially those lavish AF out-of-towners who can spend summer vacations there and host extravagant weddings on the beautiful lawn overlooking Lake George.

For us regular folks, once a year we’re invited to The Sagamore to stand outside in freezing cold temperatures and sip on a $13 cocktail (unless you’re me during Sober January). And trust me, even though we weren’t there with the massive crowds on Saturday night, we did our best to go Two Buttons Deep and see what this event is all about.

Along with the guys from Local, a Bolton Landing-based merchandise shop, we came, we slipped, we had some s’mores and as you’ll see…we did the most popular thing you can do at the Ice Bar: we Instagram’ed.

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