Fun Fact: It is Not a Crime to Steal a Haircut in New York State

An upstate hair salon learned the hard way that the law does not currently penalize those who snip and dip. 



Photo: Shutterstock. (Are you happy Thomas Palmer?)


(source) The law that protects New York restaurants from dine-and-dashing also makes stealing services from taxis, theaters, telephone companies — even ski lifts — a crime. But because of how it’s written, it does not protect hair salons.

“Why is this any different from a restaurant? You’re consuming something that we have to pay for. At a restaurant, you’re eating the food, so if you eat the food you can’t return the food and then leave.”

An amendment to the law that could extend protection to salons and barbershops is in committee right now in New York State Senate. But unless it is passed, businesses like WT Hair will remain unprotected from customers who don’t want to pay for services.

I’ll be honest, I think barbers and hairdressers are one of the few services that actually deserve a tip on top of the money you owe them. Nothing grinds my gears more than tipping useless service people like bartenders or hotel doormen because they’re doing something I could have done myself. You cracked a beer for me? Here’s two dollars for your hard work…Drives me nuts.

Someone cutting your hair? You need them. Good luck having a good day when you your hair looks like it got chopped up with a weed whacker. They deserve more. Also, are hairdressers really the people you want to steal from? They have enough weaponry and chemicals to put you 6 feet under the ground before they even take your bib off. Stop stealing from hairdressers, they work hard to make you look extra, and don’t charge you much to begin with (I go to Supercuts, so take that with a grain of salt).

We need to appreciate service people who do things you can’t do yourself, like fancy haircuts, Hibachi chefs and whoever makes the guacamole at Chipotle. And maybe we need to start stealing more from bartenders who charge you over $5 for a Miller Lite.


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