Hold the Cuck Up: CNN Reports “Cuckolding” is…a Good Thing


After seeing this headline, I decided I could not even read into it. For me to even entertain this type of blasphemy would be a disservice both to myself and my vulnerable subconscious. Because cuckolding, which is a weird word in itself, could not possibly help a marriage.

What is cuckolding? For those who don’t know:

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 4.22.24 PMInstead, I figured I would elaborate on why this headline makes no sense. Everyone likes a good comparison right?

If cuckolding helps marriage, gasoline helps fire.

If cuckolding helps marriage, political arguments help family dinners.

If cuckolding helps marriage, Carlos Mencia helps comedy.

If cuckolding helps marriage, farts help first dates.

If cuckolding helps marriage, being an “independent artist” increases your chances of approval from your girlfriends parents.

Honest to god, what type of shit is this to even consider? Can you imagine sitting at your family dinner for your mother’s Mandingo to show up at 8pm to “stabilize” her and your father’s relationship? Get the cuck out of here.

Do you see how bizarre this is? Why is this posted on a major news network? Why would any media outlet even entertain this craziness?

Here’s my motto: be single and love freely, or be a loyal member of a relationship. That’s your choice, and I know there is no easy route no matter which way ya go, but let’s not entertain this type of bullshit.

Never would it be OK for another man to have sex with my wife. This is the systematic agenda to break down cohesive healthy family units, being that the true love and devotion to one’s family creates a force unparalleled by any other in existence. This is why a 100-pound woman can lift a car to save her child’s life; without that force of true love coexisting within her family unit, especially between her and her trapped child, that car couldn’t physically, possibly move.

Listen, I’m a person with an open mind, but this is an extension of some type of plot to degrade the human race. Shame on CNN for even entertaining this, and shame on Fox news just to keep shit fair. Because in my opinion, both parties have gone so far off the rails its become nothing short of a circus act.

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