Was Bruno Mars Hypeman Starting A Movement or Just Cautious About Flu Season?


The Grammy’s was some grade-A television last night. Even though good television doesn’t seem hard to come by these days. We somehow are presented with some major awards show or sporting event on a bi-weekly basis, primarily to give us something to talk about in the workplace.

Anytime I saw Bruno Mars in a category, I audibly called that he would win, and guess what, I was right. And deservingly so, 24K Magic is an album that dominated the airwaves and my eardrums for the past year, lightyears beyond any other album. I don’t care how much you think JayZ and Kendrick are legends, they’re music wasn’t that good this year. So, of course, Bruno took home 6 Grammys, narrowing in on Michael Jackson’s record 8 in one night. But I have a question about Bruno, and it has to do with his hypeman in his acceptance speech posse:

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 10.03.33 AM.png

One question: social movement or cautious of the flu season? 

To be fair, this is one of the worst flu seasons in over a decade. It is recommended by doctors and Asians in New York City to wear protective masks if you are vulnerable to the flu, so he could just have been proactive. Lots of people at the Grammy’s! Lots of shaking hands!

However, I can also see this being some sort of social movement. The Grammy’s were full of ’em. Me Too was in full-force, the clearly-left production team took many shots at our President, including reeling in Hillary Clinton to read a sentence from the alarming Fire and Fury book.

I would take an educated guess that Bruno Mars is immune to sickness. Can you imagine Bruno Mars taking the day off to deal with a cold? No. He’s calm cool and collected 100% of the time. He comes with an orb of warmth that makes sure he stays perfect anywhere he goes. It stunted his growth, but you gotta give some to get some. With that said, I feel like the mask was maybe just a cult thing I’m not a part of. That type of behavior didn’t make it’s way to Upstate, New York I suppose…

But wait! After Bruno accepted the award, off came the mask.


Which means one thing…It’s not a movement, it’s not the flu. Bruno Mars and his team are simply allergic to losing.

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