Late Night in the Morning – James Corden, Shaggy and Sting Perform Subway Karaoke

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Today: James Corden (The Late Late Show/CBS) showed off his best skits from the Grammy Awards where he hosted for the second year in a row.

For those who aren’t as familiar with the late late guy, Corden rose to fame as a late night host when his Carpool Karaoke skit took off. He sits in a car with famous performers, sings one of their hits and also shows off his own semi-impressive singing skills. Since the Grammys were in New York, Corden, of course, was going to break out his signature crowd pleaser act.

That idea alone sounded good enough since it’s such a hit, but then Corden introduced what might be the most random duo in music history: Shaggy and Sting.

The pair recently dropped a new single called “Don’t Make Me Wait” and have already recorded a full-length album titled 44/876. And if you think this unlikely partnership was shocking to you, apparently it surprised them just as much.

Sting explained to Billboard that he felt an “instant rapport” when they first started working together, and according to Shaggy, their upcoming album is “a very Caribbean-infused record,” as they both share a mutual love for reggae.


Anyways, they entered the NYC subway to perform for passengers and it went exactly how it should in an NYC car ride. Horribly.

Nobody likes when people perform on the train –it’s just not the way people of NYC roll. People typically hate any sort of unsolicited performance because of the guilt coming your way after they’re done. They beg for money while telling a sob story about how the money definitely isn’t going towards drugs –and you didn’t ask for that on your morning commute. The folks in the Big Apple don’t have time for this shit, and that’s why this skit was a 10/10. Everyone can relate.

P.S. I listened to Shaggy and Sting’s new song and it’s a 4/10. Bummer.

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