Over 50,000 American Bridges are Falling Apart

A little insight on the life of a 2BD writer: We start off the morning scouring the World Wide Web for the stories we think you guys want to read about. Today? My original idea was a blog on how I think it might be time to start shaving my face…don’t ask (I’ll tell you eventually). But then when I read something that said over 50,000 bridges in the USA are falling apart –I knew what I had to do.


50,000 is a shocking number for literally anything; there are just enough zeros that make you perk up. Add bridges into that headline? I’m intrigued. Bridges are one of the weirdest (obviously practical) inventions that are still somehow scary even though you know you should trust them –we’ve been doing it forever and there is no other way to quickly cross over water, so like, ya gotta get on board.

Well, not anymore. My squad over at TODAY reported on this back in 2016, but now it’s getting brought up again because A) the problem has not been solved and B) there isn’t enough interesting government and political news for us to focus on already.

According to the most recent report by NBC News:

Using government data, the American Road & Transportation Builders Association compiled a report showing that 54,259 American bridges are “structurally deficient.”

So many bridges are in need of repair, says the report, that if placed end-to-end they’d stretch nearly from New York City to Miami. And experts say that at the current rate of repair or replacement it would take 37 years to fix all the bridges.

Some guy in Utah had a CHUNK OF BRIDGE fall through his windshield while he was driving underneath one! He luckily lived to tell the tale, but how many chunks of bridges falling on cars is it going to take to make us feel safe again?

The reports blame Congress for ignoring this issue and subsequently not providing the funding needed to fix the over 54,000 unsafe or soon-to-be unsafe bridges. It’s easy to say they need to wake up and fix it ASAP, but I guess we gotta understand they might have a lot of other, expensive things worry about that are just a little more urgent. But at the same time, this is a serious safety issue that makes all of us nervous drivers out there even more paranoid.

What are we supposed to do? We can’t avoid bridges or even begin to keep a list of which ones are safe and which ones aren’t. Like, thanks for reporting this guys, but there is no solution that can help me cope so now I’m just stuck with a very unsettling piece of information.

Every bridge I drive over there’s always a teeny tiny thought of, “What if?” and then I usually grow up and remember I need to be rational. Now I can say I told you so. I’m just joining the famous nursery rhyme and Fergie who have also said they told you so, too.

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