Treat Yourself and Add YEBBA to Your Favorite Playlist

So, I recently sat down with a student during my lunch break –yeah I’m a teacher for those who didn’t know. This student of mine is a genius, self-taught guitarist and has a brilliant taste in music. He will often recommend I listen to new artists I’ve never heard before, and this morning he blessed me with with Yebba Smith.

Check out this video of her performance for Sofar (Songs From A Room). Sofar is a movement that records artists in random apartments or warehouses to sing for an intimate crowd. YEBBA performed her song, “My Mind” and well, my mind was blown.

So I obviously had to check this girl out further and found out to find out her videos have been viewed by over 1.7 million people. Those people are on the right track –and even shared their reactions since so many of us were feelin’ the same way when we heard her.

Plain and simple, this girl has got it. If you’re into hair-raising vocals, goosebump worthy harmonies, and an overall dominant presence on a microphone, give YEBBA a listen.

Here’s some awesome praise she’s gotten so far from The Signal and a little more info about her:

Abbey Smith, who performs under the name Yebba, has been singing in subways and hidden corners of the internet for years. She has finally burst out from the shadows and is becoming an artist to watch in 2018.

“Yebba,” which is “Abbey” spelled backwards, was a nickname given to her by her mother. After her mother’s passing, Abbey adopted the name “Yebba” in memory of her mother and as a reflection of her own identity. She began singing in small concert venues as Abbey Smith, then traveling across the country as Yebba.

While each of her performances were different, one element remained the same: the way her love for music translates into her expressive singing. With a tone of voice somewhere between Adele and Amy Winehouse, her vocals became one of her trademarks.

I hope she brightens your day as she did mine, and I got to thank my brilliant guitarist friend/student Kien for introducing me to one of my new favorite artists. I’ll be sure to share his latest recommendations with all the 2BD readers.

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