Late Night in the Morning – Guillermo Gets Every Player to Sign Tom Brady’s Cookbook at Super Bowl Media Day


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Today: Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel Live/ABC) sent Guillermo to Super Bowl Media Day.

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Every year since Jimmy’s cousin Sal was banned from Super Bowl media day for dressing up like one of the kickers, he has sent his sidekick Guillermo to handle the coverage. For those who don’t know Guillermo and how he landed this role, it’s truly something special and what has made me a lifelong fan of Kimmel.

Guillermo started out working for Jimmy as a parking lot security guard. He was balancing three jobs to support his family in Los Angeles when one day Jimmy asked him to be in a skit. That skit went well, the people loved him, and they began to bring him back more and more before announcing he would be taking over the lucrative and lovable role as Jimmy’s sidekick.

Anyways, the guy is funny as hell (whether or not he’s trying to be) and loves tequila. So what could go wrong at Super Bowl Media Day? Nothing, this is probably the funniest Super Bowl coverage you will see from any outlet anywhere.


Here are all the best moments of Media Day via the NFL:

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