You Will Soon Be Able to Play Mario Kart on Your Smart Phone

UPDATE: (CNBC) Mario may win many races, but Nintendo has been slow when it comes to mobile gaming. The planned release of Mario Kart Tour and Dr. Mario on mobile this summer will be a big test for the company, long a dominant player in the video-game console and game software markets.


Let me be clear: I do not like video games, that’s not news. But this news is good news to even people like me. Mario Kart is coming to your smart phone.

Nintendo has announced the latest of its IPs to make the leap to smartphones, and it’s a big one: Mario Kart. An app called Mario Kart Tour is set to be released in the next financial year, meaning anywhere between April 2018 and March 2019.

My peak interest in video games started (and began to fade) in high school when I got an N64 handed down to me from my cousin. I didn’t have any Gamecube or Xbox, which some people consider being deprived as a child, I call it being set up for sanity.

But no matter who are, there is one game that everybody in this world has enjoyed at one time or another, and that game is Mario Kart.

39949-Mario_Kart_64_(USA)-1.jpgYou just can’t beat Mario Kart for N64, it’s so simple and pure. Although the game does not change, advance or evolve in any way, somehow picking up an N64 controller after 20 years still gives you the same thrill you experienced as a child.

There’s been a ton of renovated versions of Mario Kart since N64: Gamecube, Wii, and god forbid the mobile Wii platforms which were lightyears beyond my interest. But absolutely nothing will touch the legacy of Mario Kario 64.


Wait, I gotta hold my tongue. News broke today that my favorite game will be released on my favorite platform: the mobile phone. This isn’t what we asked for, but it’s what we needed. I don’t play phone games other than texting and Tetris, but this may change all that.

Mario Kart on the mobile phone? My social life could very well become extinguished. What I really hope is that they incorporate augmented reality like they did in Pokemon Go! But instead of walking around parks to find Pokemon, we’ll drive our cars down roads and race everyone around us in the game.

I know people are like “damn Jack that sounds dangerous” but let’s be real, you’ve been Snapchat and driving for the past 5 years and you’re still alive and well, right? Mario Kart won’t be any different, and besides, you’ll have red shells to protect you.


P.S. Don’t ever forget about the greatest love song that ever lived.

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