Fashion Friday: Keds and Kate Spade Team Up for a Bridal Sneaker Collection

Sugar and spice and everything nice is basically the mantra for the forever-feminine Kate Spade. Glitter, pops of color, cartoon eyes and animals of every shape and size are just what to expect when you browse patterns or purse shapes.

And even though Kate Spade has been part of the bridal fashion world for a while, offering bride-to-be accessories from PJs to jewelry, the brand has most recently teamed up with the classic sneaker brand Keds to offer cuteness and comfort for anyone who can’t imagine wearing heels while saying, “I do.”


So, of course I’ve got to comment on a bridal sneaker line for a couple of reasons. One because it’s Fashion Friday and that’s my thing, and two because my real-life job (yes, we have jobs outside of 2BD) is in bridal fashion. Woo!

But first, a little about the collection: These bridal tennis shoes range from $85 to $120, and the sparkly designs include slip-ons to lace-ups and even a platform sneaker version (which is a win for all other petite gals out there). The details have all the bridal vibes: polka dots, pearls, and of course the classic gold and silver with a hint of something blue. It’s like they turned your save-the-dates into footwear.

The real story is about that brides are choosing to wear alternative shoes with their wedding gown. And I don’t mean wearing sandals instead of a strappy heel or flats instead of a wedge. I mean brides seriously want to wear what makes them the most comfortable, or even better, fits their personal style best.


And who are we to judge? Being in this industry I cannot even begin to emphasize how important that single thing is: just bein’ yourself, but like a 3.0 version of you.

Plus, your shoes aren’t that important –in a floor-length gown you can hardly see them. Most people just want cool shoes for a lay flat photo with all of your accessories pre-wedding, and for that you can feel free to show off your stilettos or sneaks.

Now for me, I would NEVER do this. That needs to be permanently on the record. For one, I am way too short for such a thing, and also there are about infinity better pairs of shoes that would look more appropriate with a wedding dress. These ones pass the test for people who simply dig this vibe and are willing to make it more bridal with the cuteness of Kate Spade and Keds, which is much preferred over lacing up some bright red Converse.

I wish I could channel my inner Joan Rivers more, but only one thing comes to mind if you were to ask me for my official stance on sneakers as bridal shoes: they’re better than cowboy boots. One of these pictures makes me want to scream and one doesn’t.


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