CDs are Officially Dead and So Are All the CD Accessories We Used to Love


As we get older we like to look back at our lives and think of the “simpler times.” Everybody’s got a different set of criteria for that depending on when you were born. For me and the rest of the late 80s and 90s kids out there, hearing the news that Best Buy will stop selling CDs made me immediately think of those times.

I’m sure a lot of people thought CDs were already done for good, but Best Buy officially put the nail in the CD coffin with the announcement. Technology has advanced at such a rapid pace, this was bound to happen sooner or later…surprised it wasn’t sooner, actually.

My first thought when I heard this was when was the last time I bought a CD? Has to be at least five years ago.

Now, most of my music is digital, just like everyone else. My computer doesn’t have CD port built into it anymore so I’d have to find an external port to transfer all that music over which sucks. Do new cars even have a built in CD player? Nope.

Best Buy isn’t the only store adopting this shift into new technology, Target agreed they’ll phase out brand new CDs and will rather turn their collection into a consignment basis to cut back on costs AKA save some shelf space for the stuff people will actually buy.

But even though this was inevitable, it still hurts to know some of the most memorable technologies from childhood are finally hanging up their hat. I remember growing up listening to music on CDs, I stole half of my dads classic rock collection and learned about some of my favorite artists. It’s bittersweet because I still have all my CD’s they’re just in a box in my garage since there’s nowhere to play them anymore.

So, I wanted to recap a list of CD-related items everyone probably had back in the day that we can now officially sell at garage sales and add to our memories of the “simpler times.”

The CD Shelf

CD shelf

There was your collection proudly on display in your house, however you arranged your music you knew where everything was and in what order to find it if your sibling or party guest stole one from you. I had a guitar shaped CD shelf, and that thing was sweet! Only problem was if you nudged it everything fell out of it –these were not super reliable.

The CD Case

cd holder

Everyone had one of these in their car above your driver or passenger seat. Going on a road trip? Better have your favorite CDs with you. This device was ALSO notoriously known for all the CDs falling out of it and making a huge mess in your car. The natural light pouring in from the outside of the car was always easy to tell which ones were scratched, too…

The Portable CD Player


Now I didn’t have a fancy SONY one (thanks Mom & Dad) but mine got the job done on those road trips when you didn’t like the CD the rest of your family was listening to. When the skip-able feature was added, that was the game changer. Otherwise you had to listen to it in the actual order the artist intended! Can you imagine life without “shuffle” now? I can remember every kid on the bus had their headphones on and not a word was said during the morning commute to school. Peace, quiet and music baby.

Mix CDs


Didn’t feel like buying an album by a certain artist? Burn it! Didn’t want to listen to an entire CD by the same group? Make a mix CD and share it with your crush, obviously. Thanks to programs such as Napster and Limewire, burnable CDs were born and we all did something illegal for the first time.

The Boom Box

If you had a boom box that could hold 5 or 6 CDs, you were the coolest kid in the neighborhood. This was the start of pissing off my parents by playing my music too loud, and unfortunately no matter what technology you have, that’s always gonna be a problem.

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