Bet You Didn’t Know Stewart’s Makes the Best Sour Gummy Worms This Side of the Mississippi

We are big Stewart’s fans here at Two Buttons Deep. I personally love everything they do because they do their own original things so well: ice cream, milkshakes, breakfast sandwiches and of course, coffee. 10/10 votes from me on all of the OG Stewart’s products, and plus, they have all the necessities like beer and limes and gas.


But, there’s one stellar original offering you might not have even REALIZED yet, and that is probably only because you guys are adults and not small children like me who eat candy on a regular basis.

So, as (my) luck would have it, the Stewart’s Gods bestowed their brilliance upon one of the major food groups in my life: Sour Gummy Worms.


Usually, I would be called a peasant for buying generic brand candy. It’s just one of those products like Heinz Ketchup or Cinnamon Toast Crunch that cannot be knocked off. (I’m realizing now all of the foods I’m naming really do make me sound like an elementary school student, but whatever).

But Trolli has some tough competition right here in the 518. Not only is the Stewart’s version a reasonable, budget-friendly price of 99 cents compared to their $1.61 for a pack of sour gummies, but it literally tastes infinity times better. The gummies are bigger, more sour (like so sour I have been known to LOL while eating them), and “locally made” so in my world, that basically means organic.


I can’t get any more specific than that because I have no idea why these are so good! I also don’t want to research too much because they probably purchase generic brand candy and have an agreement where they can add their brand label on it and make it look like their own. They’re probably made in Atlanta, Georgia for all I know. But since I’m a kid I ain’t gonna ruin the surprise for myself like I did when I noticed my mom’s handwriting on all of the presents from “Santa.”

Now, some of you are probably concerned about me and my pearly whites now that you know I eat at least a pack a week of this little sour things. I’m happy to put your worries to rest and let you know I have not had a cavity in like a decade, and my personal health and happiness is through the roof now that these have permanently made their way into my candy rotation.

Have I sold myself to Stewart’s? Probably. Is there something in their products that has me permanently brainwashed and addicted to sugar? Probably. But I don’t care, and you should probably thank me for filling you in on another great local product you can get at the official save haven of Upstate NY.

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