What’s All the Height About? Investigating the RPI President vs. Alumni Drama



If you love local news, you’ve been following the Albany Times Union’s stellar reporting on an ongoing issue up on the hill in Troy at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The school’s alum have been feuding with Shirley Ann Jackson, the president of RPI since 1999 and the highest-paid college president in the United States.

The ongoing drama has resulted in a 50 percent decrease in alumni donations since she took the helm, and caused a lot of confusion on campus among students after faculty and alumni from near and far have commented on the issues at the school.

I had to march right up to campus on my own after RPI professor Chris Bystroff said the following about the drop in donations and the alumni who are upset:

Albany Times Union

“I can’t help thinking that if she were white, male (and maybe a bit taller!), she would not be so quickly dismissed as an autocrat,” Bystroff wrote.

Wait, what? If she were TALLER??!?!!?!?

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