RIP Foam Cup: Dunkin’ Pledges to Go All Paper in 2020, Causing New England to Officially Burn to the Ground


Somebody better go check on the people of New England. After a devastating Patriots Super Bowl loss, the bad news is piling on in the Northeast as Dunkin’ Donuts announced they will be phasing out their famous foam cup. The entire city of Boston is going to burn!


I feel like I need to pull a 2018 version of Paul Revere here and start alerting all of the people who NEED to know this information even more than they need their morning cup of joe. AKA, iced coffee drinkers, but we’ll get to that if you don’t already know. But first, we need to understand why. Why is Dunkin’ Donuts getting rid of its signature drinking vessel? Do they realize how many people are saying, “I can’t even” right now?

Well, foam cups aren’t recyclable which is not cool in the eco-friendly, save the planet type of world we live in today. And according to CNBC, the styrofoam manufacturing process is also dangerous since the main ingredient, styrene, is a possible human carcinogen.Do I know what that means? Not exactly, but it doesn’t sound good for us to be consuming or for DD to be reppin’ as their brand motto.

So, rightfully so, Dunkin’ has made the pledge to replace all of their foam cups with paper by 2020. I can respect the need to care for the planet and also feel like you’re part of the club by having 57 different garbage can options in your establishment. These days there’s a can for paper products, recyclables, regular trash, your divorce documents, cans and bottles, receipts longer than three inches…I mean seriously how many different types of trash ARE there?!?!!? Anyways…


If you’ve read this far and still don’t know why this is mostly devastating to New Englanders, you have been missing out on the true beauty of the foam cup.

The best-kept-not-so-secret-secret is that those foam cups aren’t only for hot beverages. Their primary function is to use to keep your iced coffee from “sweating” AKA leaving a mess of water all over the place. And obviously it’s a nice little glove that protects you from getting brain freeze on your hand when you’re drinking it.


The great, totally not obnoxious people of New England claim they invented this trick, and in their neck of woods it’s been basically a given that your cashier would place your iced coffee right in its foam sleeve without you even asking. Unfortunately for us here in Upstate NY, when we try this trick we get attitude from the staff and sometimes we’re even charged 50 cents for it! Not even because it’s environmentally wasteful but just because it’s annoying AF for them.

And luckily 2020 is a long time away and now that I know such a good thing is coming to an end, I will be stocking up on non-recyclable foam cups and increasing my iced coffee consumption by one thousand percent.

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