F*ck That: An Honest Meditation is Going to Get You Through Monday (And Tuesday-Friday)

We all have those days, man. Those days where there’s someone or something in your way and you just keep letting life push you down. Those days are usually Monday’s, since you’re getting over a bad case of the Sunday Scaries and there’s somehow nothing you can do to get yourself into work on time.


And if you talk to your friends and family about your constant stresses in life, those people are probably getting a little sick of being your friend and offering up advice that you won’t take. Do yoga! Exercise more! Write in a journal! See a professional!

Yeah, yeah that is all GREAT advice but sometimes all you need to do is wallow in your own stresses, breathe out the bullshit and acknowledge life is a little tough sometimes. Close your eyes and listen to this and you will feel 200 percent more relaxed than you did at the start of the day.

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