One of Us: Teen Olympian Overslept, Lost His Coat, Dropped an F-Bomb on Live TV And Won USA Our First Gold Medal

When you have a big vacation starting off with an early wakeup to catch a flight, or let’s say, a once-in-a-lifetime Olympic event to go to, the responsible thing to do is to pack up everything the night before so you can be up and at ’em after a good night’s rest. Right?
Well, that’s not what Red Gerard did. Instead, he fell asleep watching Netflix and didn’t set an alarm for the next day. Then, as teenagers do, he woke up late for practice and had to be woken up by his roommate, fellow Olympic snowboarder Kyle Mack. After waking up, he scrambled for his outfit and realized he couldn’t find his precious coat, so he had to use Kyle’s and move on with the day.
2018 PyeongChang red gerard slope style gold
Once he finally made his way to the snowboard slopestyle event, he was in last place going into the final round. Miraculously, he shot all the way to first place in the third round due to his, “creative approach to the course.” I have to assume after being in last, he didn’t expect any place on the podium, let alone a Gold medal, and just went out there with no pressure on him. Then BAM – Gold.
This is why I would argue his exclamation of “Holy Fuck” on live television was 1,000 percent merited.

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