A Valentine’s Day Straight from the Dollar Menu: 8 Central NY Couples Renew Wedding Vows at McDonald’s


Well, besides Team USA collecting over 100 gold medals in Pyeongchang, it doesn’t get much more American than the eight couples in Central New York who renewed their wedding vows at a McDonald’s in Ithaca. That’s a love story from straight off the Dollar Menu.

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I’ll take chicken nuggets with some fries and a side of love! McDonald’s is on a roll lately, and Two Buttons Deep has of course been covering it all. Our boy Marko went over to see if he can save his hair when he found out their fries can possibly cure baldness. Maybe the hair growth and vow renewal have a positive effect on each other? The more hair us guys got, the more love we receive.

remarriage cert

Yup, the proof to show this really happened.

But seriously, vow renewals are kind of a nice thing. People try to re-spark their love any way they can since ya know, as you get older, that connection you first had for each other may not work when you’re in your 40’s or 50’s. I’ve never been married, maybe someday I’ll have the opportunity like this.

And that got me thinking, there’s a bunch of places in this wonderful country that I’d love to renew my vows, not just a McDonald’s (though I appreciate the creativity). Now you’re probably thinking I’m going to list Walmart, Vegas (though that’s probably my only shot at ever getting married) but I think I can do better than that, so here’s my list of unconventional wedding or vow renewal spots:

Buffalo Bills Tailgate


If you’ve been to a Bills game before, you know these fans love to party, the passion that city has for the Bills is untouchable. I love the Dallas Cowboys, but I’d be lying to you if I said some days the Bills were my second favorite team. You have to love your significant other as much as your favorite team right? So let’s party it up and say “I Do” while someone is belly flopping onto a folding table behind us.

My Favorite Bar


This could be the first place you laid eyes on each other, or it could be the first place you went for your first date. Either way, a bar is a perfect (potentially memorable) spot to renounce your love for each other after a few PBR’s.

The State Fair


Who doesnt love going to the fair?! It’s a perfect to activity to wrap up summer if you’re thinking about doing some celebrating during the warmer months. I would eat all the fried food imaginable, ride some “safe” rides and win a big stuffed animal for my lady. I’d renounce on top of that huge slide then slide down to my second honeymoon.

PS: Mine would most likely be a Taco Bell. My love for tacos is untouchable.

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