This Student Snapchatted Today While An Active Shooter Shot At Him Because That’s The World We Live in (VIDEO)

Let me echo the memo all Americans with a brain have been harmonizing ever since Columbine: “We need tighter gun regulations.”

Now let me echo the memo that all 2nd amendment enthusiasts will counter with: “oh, did the gun walk in and do all of this itself?!?!”

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Alright, now that the politics are aside, let’s talk America’s 18th school shooting in 2018 and the kid who gave us a legitimate POV of the active shooter. And when I say active, I mean like in the classroom opening rounds. This kid was one trigger away from death and his thought was “you know what…I should post about this.” Because if there’s anything we’ve learned in the digital age, it’s if you don’t post about it, did it really happen?

Yes. This definitely happened. 

(source) More than 20 students and teachers were shot or injured at the Parkland high school on Valentine’s Day


Just after 4 p.m., Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel announced that the shooter was in custody.


“At this point, we have no evidence that there has been more than one shooter,” said Robert Runcie, the superintendent of Broward County Schools.

I remember seeing a presentation in high school called Rachel’s Challenge, about a girl named Rachel who died in Columbine. Her family had to collect every phone call, notes written and available evidence from that day to piece together what it was like for her in her final moments. Nowadays? We have students like this livestreaming the event like it’s nothin. Probably the stupidest thing you could do in the moment, but in the long run, probably incredibly helpful. I’m surprised this video was ever posted as it is quite graphic and loud, but you’re still here reading so you clearly want to watch it.


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