Syracuse University Student Campaigns to Bring XFL to Syracuse, and I Think He’s Onto Something

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Will Scott, a Syracuse University freshman has started a campaign to bring the XFL, a professional football league, to Syracuse, New York. He was inspired after Vince McMahon, the chairman and CEO of WWE, announced last month that he would be bringing back the XFL. The league, initially launched in 2001, brought a refreshing energy to professional sports, as well as millions of dollars of debt to WWE and NBC after its one-season run.

Despite the initial flop, I think we’re living in a world where the XFL would thrive. The NFL is slowly becoming the butt of every joke, despite it being the most popular sport in America.

They keep messing up with clown face Roger Goodell at the throne. And despite the despicable leadership of the league, Goodell just signed a contract extension, so I don’t see the future of the NFL getting any better in the near future. So, basically, there’s some room for another league to capture the hearts and attention of fair weather Americans.

And to capitalize on that opportunity comes McMahon, who announced the return of the XFL on January 25th. McMahon said the XFL would return in 2020, but offered few other details about the late winter/early spring football league. The XFL will launch with eight teams, 40-man active rosters and a 10-week regular-season schedule. McMahon said the schedule could begin in late January of 2020 and no cities or TV partners were named just yet. Until now, sort of.

So Scott, the apparent XFL enthusiast at Syracuse University, wants Syracuse to host a team and I support that because you know what, Syracuse is a grit-based city. Lots of hard work goes down in Syracuse and with a population over 660,000, they are more than capable of supporting a solid sports organization (as they do for the University and a few minor league affiliate teams). The XFL is a no-bullshit league, and that’s not only something Syracuse can handle, but something America needs right now.

This season, the NFL was consumed more by political movements, tweets and conspiracies more than the game itself. We need a league that breaks through the bullshit. No censors, no reckless interviews and hardball athletes. That’s what will shake up the industry and make the XFL a legitimate competitor to the NFL.

I have to say I have faith in Vince McMahon, who has shown that he understands entertainment and what the audience wants. He turned WWE into a $2.5 billion enterprise, and everyone knows it’s fake! That’s pretty genius, man. Now if he took the real sport of football, gave all the B-listers a shot who aren’t thriving in the NFL, we’d have some quality entertainment on our hands. Call up Johnny Football and tell him the news, he’s comin’ to Syracuse.

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