Drake’s New Music Video Has Officially Gotten Me Out of My Bad News Funk



Listen, you know how much I love the news. I sit on my phone or computer and refresh my favorite news sites all day looking for something new to read and talk about with my friends and fam. But sometimes, man, especially lately, the news has gotten me in a total funk.

I can’t help but take to heart all of the terrible things happening in our world, and as much as I’m intrigued by reading and learning more in hopes to try and understand it, I start to just feel a little down when the bad news never ends. I don’t feel like myself when there’s nothing good to report.

It’s sad, too, because we all know what happens next: the news cycle moves on, the sad stories get swept under the rug and we’ll all watch a few puppy videos or buzzer beaters to get over the hurdle. But it doesn’t make any of us forget, especially when it all seems to repeat in a record amount of time.


So, enter: Drake. Yeah, I’m serious. The first blog I ever wrote when we were just starting up Two Buttons Deep was about Drake; I announced that I was joining the fan club (like 7 years too late) and from that moment on, I’ve loved everything he’s done, even the Hotline Bling music video which certainly got mixed reviews.

But this new music video for God’s Plan is one that everyone can agree on. It’s amazing. Drake took his just around $1M budget for the video and donated it to the people of Miami –planning surprises from college tuition money, to free groceries, to a shopping spree –and the reactions of the real people receiving these gifts are absolutely priceless.

I smiled the entire time I watched it (doesn’t hurt that our friend Drake is easy on the eyes, that beard *holy heart eyes emoji*) and I couldn’t help but think perhaps we need to reach out to Drake and tell him about our Do the Next Good Thing project, because this is very in the sprit of what our friend Jeff is trying to right here in Upstate NY.

Imagine if someone in every community was trying to spread this level of love? Yeah, the money part is super cool, but remember the root of it all: kindness. Thanks, Drake for getting me out of that bad news funk and creating genuine smiles when we need it most.

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