This Legendary Prom Proposal Sends a Bigger Message to All of Us

It’s that time of year where teenagers social media feeds are scattered with what we call, “promposals.” They love to showcase how creative their date can be with popping that question, and obviously racking up the likes to prove it’s gonna be a damn good night.

promposal sticky note car

But what about the kids who aren’t going to prom with the football captain or smartest kid in the class? Those kids still get to experience something beautiful in their own way, and that’s what got me thinking about this amazing video that surfaced last year and is popping up online yet again because it’s just that awesome.

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Some people will laugh at this and thatís unfortunate. Those who would nervously laugh probably havenít developed a true bond with a person with special needs, and thatís understandable, not all of us have had that chance. The nervous laugh comes from getting an unexpected look into a world they’re not accustomed to, those who will laugh haven’t developed the emotional maturity to handle it.


All people with a heart will see the beauty in this viral video: the true display of emotion, and the BALLS this kid had to pull this shit off and propose to his gal pal in such a beautiful, honest way. Balls you definitely donít have, and neither do I.

Can you imagine going in front of your potential prom date, her family, your family, and absolutely slaying a karaoke gig? Didnít think so. I performed in front of some family once or twice and it wasnít me, yet, it wasnít authentic, and pretty sure someone booed me.

This kid stepped in front of the utmost intimate audience, and girl he was asking to prom and killed it, that simple music is made to provoke true emotion right? And then it gets put online and has the ability to touch over the 36 million people who have viewed this video and taken something away from it. Did you watch this entire video? If so, you realize this is music in its purest form, and you also realize my guy put on a performance for the ages dedicated a lady who was ecstatic to watch. This is way more memorable than sticky notes on a car or a cheesy pun to get your girl to say “yes.”

Shout out, respect, and love sent to my new idol.


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